+ What is SATO48?

SATO48 stands for “Springfield And The Ozarks 48-Hour Film Challenge”.

Filmmaking teams have just one weekend (48 hours) to make a 5-minute (or less) Film. The twist is no one knows what the Films must be about until the INSPIRATION PACKAGE is revealed, simultaneously to all Filmmaking Teams, at the Kickoff !

After the Inspiration Package is revealed, all shooting, editing, and sweetening (such as adding a musical soundtrack) must occur within the 48 hours.

+ Aren't Films that don't keep the "Closing Text" on screen for the full 5 seconds (as required by the Participation Agreement rules) also committing a "length" violation?

Yes. Effectively those Films are gaining extra time.

How many Films fall into that category?

Two Films do not have the "Closing Text" at all so they are gaining 5 full seconds.
Six Films do not keep the "Closing Text" on screen for the full 5 seconds so they are gaining various amounts of time, too.

Wow. So, a total of eight additional Films would have to be disqualified.

Are there other Participation Agreement rules being violated ?

Yes. As we said in the FAQ "How are SATO48 Films evaluated ?" our Volunteers check for a lot of criteria and we have stated they must be forgiven for letting Films through that were too long by a few seconds, but if SATO48 was to eliminate every Film that violated other Participation Agreement rules like using the Wrong Naming Convention, or Wrong File Format, or a myriad of other "Closing Text" violations, there WOULD NOT BE A SATO48-2016 because 56 (FIFTY-SIX) Films would have to be cut.

Wow. That would be bad.

Yes, and not only that, going back to the original concept of "time," those Filmmakers who didn't take the time to use the right format, or take the time to name their file correctly, or take the time to use the proper words in the "Closing Text," are also committing a "length" violation inasmuch as they had "extra" time to create their Film because they didn't take the time to fulfill all Participation Agreement requirements.

Will you be naming ALL the Films that might be disqualified ?
There are not going to be any disqualifications unless we disqualify ALL violators as described above.

Would you do that?
Don't be ridiculous.

However, this is a GREAT lesson all around for SATO48-2017 !

+ Why do some movies show they are over 5:00 when I view them online?

That's due in part to a mistake in the Participation Agreement that should have read:

"(1) UPLOAD a[n] UNALTERED copy of your Film to any internet site you wish,"

So, since the language was not as clear as we would have liked, to be safe we DID NOT use ANY of the links sent to us by Filmmakers.

Instead WE uploaded to Vimeo the same versions of every Film that played at The Moxie, and those links (not the Filmmaker-supplied ones) are what the International Judges viewed.

In one case Filmmakers added "credits" to their uploaded version and this put them at the 5:09 mark according to YouTube. In another case, the image ends at 5:00 but they did go over to add the "This Film was made as part of SATO48". We have never disqualified a Film that, for example, left off "This Film was made as part of SATO48" or squeezed it into the other credits (there are examples of that from this year), or didn't leave it on screen long enough (fairly common), or didn't make it the required size (frequent), or didn't get the words exactly right, or didn't make it the closing text and instead added something afterwards (this has been happening more and more -- it's a feature-length trend -- and we're going to be especially clear about it in 2017 since the Closing Text is how the Selection Committee Members and the Moxie Booth Operators know when a Film is completed). Overall, the "Closing Text" is something we'll have to look into for 2017 since many Films don't get this rule exactly right in a wide variety of ways.

Also, for 2017 we are going to continue the practice of doing the uploading ourselves, and sending those links to the International Judges. This procedure will also mean one less "thing" for Filmmakers to worry about.

+ How are SATO48 Films evaluated?

SATO48 Films must be "on time" (including their Releases) to be eligible for Awards.

Then, when the Films are turned in, our Volunteers, who donate hours and hours of their time at all phases of SATO48, check for things like:

• Releases being in order
• Proper Length of Film
• Proper Format
• Proper File Naming

Our Volunteers are clear and versed on the rules but if there's a slip-up we must forgive them. It's a vagary all Films are subject to.

Which means it falls under the SATO48 philosophy:

If it's equally unfair, then it's fair.

But in fact it is more than that, much more.

All Filmmakers who participate in SATO48 agree upon registration to the terms of the Participation Agreement, and those terms grant limitless immunity to SATO48 Volunteers for any transgressions they might make.

To wit:

Participant hereby affirms that he/she indemnifies, saves and holds harmless Organizer, Organizer's staff and volunteers, from any and all claims, costs, damages, expenses and liabilities arising from the creation, use or participation hereunder of the Film (including, but not limited to claims for negligence and other torts, unauthorized exhibition, discrimination, fraud, infringement and breach of contract).

Participant also hereby releases the Organizers, all members of its staff, and all volunteers engaged in SATO48 activities of any kind, from any and all liability, and further agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend any and all such members, staff, or volunteers from and against any and all claims which might be made against them arising out of Participant's involvement in SATO48."

One example of a Volunteer misstep is possibly not noticing a Film exceeds the 5-minute limit.

Another is forgiving Films submitted in an improper naming convention.
They just don't have the heart to disqualify a Filmmaker because of something so trivial.


the stated naming convention as laid out in the Participation Agreement is a simple rule (which couldn't have been clearer), as follows:

Team# - Team Name - Film Name

Though to be sure submitting a file named in any other way is a rule violation and in 2017 we're going to crack down hard !!

Another "fudge" is for Films delivered in an unapproved dot extension format, even if they play properly and have sound.

The stated format is:


[Not .mov, not .m4v, not .3gp]

Again, it's a rule violation and in 2017 we're going to crack down hard !!

Now, let's take a look at the political / social status conscious side of SATO48…

One of the reasons we invite the Volunteers we do is they are blissfully oblivious to any trendy concepts of teams being highly influential in the filmmaking community vs. those who are "unknown".

And if they do perceive such strata they have the integrity to quash it.

SATO48 Volunteers are respected business women & men, healthcare professionals, city employees, homemakers, and earnest supporters of creativity.

To imply they exhibit favoritism (which for those of you "not in the know" has recently happened) in the form of deliberately letting Films through that violate the letter of the rules is a slap in their face and a morale issue clouding their standing in the greater community.

SATO48 Volunteers are the very embodiment of an event that is both a Competition and a Community Event -- a complex creature to be sure, and possibly not one suited to every competitor.

If we were to go "backwards" (which will not happen) and disqualify all those Films that, for instance, violated the naming convention rule, we wouldn't have a SATO48-2016.

Let us explain.

We took a random sample -- random in the sense it was the 34 thumb drives (1/3 of the entries, by the way) not picked up by Filmmakers at The Moxie Screenings.

And what did we find ?

We found only ONE, ONLY ONE, named their Film submission absolutely properly.

To give you a sense of the simple, clear rules that were nevertheless flagrantly broken by Filmmakers who no doubt busted their ass to meet the requirements, but still fell short, consider this ghastly array of violations:

• Films without a leading "zero" on the Team Number
• No "space" in front of and no "space" behind each dash
• No Team Name at all
• No Team # at all
• Extraneous words…

And the transgressions don't end there !

With regard to format (MPEG-4 FORMAT ONLY (.mp4):

• Three Films were submitted in .3gp format
• Four Films were submitted in .m4v format
• Four Film were submitted in .mov format

For a total of 11 Films (greater than 1/10th of the entries) submitted not in the proper format.

So, if digital pitchforks & torches are to be raised in an effort to disqualify another's Film due to a violation of the Participation Agreement (which for those of you "not in the know" has recently happened), we counsel each townsperson to first look at their own submission and make absolutely sure that in every conceivable respect it qualifies for Awards.

(Spoiler Alert: statistically speaking you probably didn't name your Film File correctly. BOOM you too are out of the running).

One of the issues that sometimes comes up (though less and less) is how much "black" to use at the beginning and ending of the Film. We try to be more and more clear with Filmmakers about this every year and eventually we think we'll master it.

Once Films clear the Volunteers all are watched, determined as to whether or not they have met the spirit of the Inspiration Package, and curated into Groups of 10 which then play at The Moxie.

Sitting in the audience at The Moxie are Selection Committee Members (SCM) who have generously donated their time to watch the Films. Each SCM is assigned a particular Award category in which they have an interest or maybe an expertise--though we stress the SCM are there first & foremost as members of the movie-going public, who also have a desire to support the community and are willing to donate hours and hours of their time to collectively consider every Film, irrespective of its quality.

If an SCM has a close relationship with someone in a Film for their category SATO48 has a method where they can recuse themselves and an arbitration panel will make a determination. Please note it is not enough that the person the SCM knows merely worked on the Film--they must be the nominee in the SCM's category to trigger recusal.

For example, in 2015 ADsmith employees were both Filmmakers and SCM, so the ADsmith SCM recused themselves from those Films where they knew the person in the category they were assigned.

After the SCM make their TOP 10 Selections they are sent to International Judges around the world who have expertise in a particular category, and are willing to donate their valuable time. Those International Judges watch all 10 Films, selecting a Top 5, and of those Top 5, a Runner Up and Winner.

Since this is a Community Competition Event, consider all SATO48 Filmmakers present, past and future to have a close relationship with the Co-Creators, or that they will eventually have one. That's why the Co-Creators of SATO48 do not select nor judge any Films for final consideration.

All decisions of all SCM and International Judges are final and unassailable.

If you have additional questions, please call or email us -- but use your real email if you want a response. SATO48 does not respond to anonymous missives of any kind.

+ What's the difference between an AWARD and a PRIZE?

As you know, it is essential you fulfill the Inspiration Package to be eligible for The Moxie Screenings, and winning any of the 12 Awards, or Prizes.

This year individuals and companies have once again generously sponsored "Prizes" (5 in total) to help recognize your talent.

Guidelines for Prizes are entirely separate from the Inspiration Package, and indeed you cannot win a Prize unless you fulfill the Inspiration Package, and all the other Participation Agreement requirements.

Having said that, here are the 5 Prizes (to date) for which your Film might also be eligible based SOLELY on the decision of the Prize Provider:

• The Ozarks CW Prize "Best Hero Themed Film," based on creative use of heroic actions, visual effects, theme, or plot. Prize includes CW CWag pack, a tour of the Ozarks CW/KY3 studios, the Film being featured on theozarkscw.com, and the chance for Filmmakers to be featured in an Ozarks CW on-air promotion highlighting the prize-winning Film. Only Films that meet The Ozarks CW television programming standards regarding nudity, language, etc., will be considered.

• American Family Insurance Presented by Deryk Morelock "Family Fun Prize" for the most Fun, Family Friendly submission. Winner will enjoy a $150.00 prize from Deryk Morelock w/ American Family Insurance.

• Becky Meadows & Debbie Hall "Best Portrayal of a Pet or Animal" Prize. $100.

• Studio 2060 "Production Prize" given to a Film that excels in production value. The Prize is a $100 credit toward use of the facilities at Studio 2060.

• Fantasy Creations FX "Special Effects Prize" which comes with a $100 credit toward work done by FCFX.

Plus we are thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to an existing Award Category:

• FOX5 KRBK "Audience Favorite Award" which will extend the voting Online, and provide a very special level of recognition to the Winner.

So, start arranging for your thousands of friends & family to attend The Moxie Screenings, and the Awards Ceremony, because it's the balloting at those two live gatherings that will determine which Films go Online for the final phase. More details to follow.

Again, these Prizes in no way affect your obligation to fulfill the Inspiration Package and the Participation Agreement. They are an adjunct opportunity if you wish to pursue them in your Film with absolutely no guarantee your Film will be selected by a Prize Provider whose decision is final and unassailable.

+ What are the SATO48 Films about?

That’s up to the Filmmaker, as long as they comply with the Inspiration Package, we will screen the Film at The Moxie in Springfield, Missouri.

We are dogged embracers of the First Amendment, and DO NOT rate these Films.

However, keep in mind there are always consequences for the creative choices made, meaning for example, your Film might not be suitable for other venues beyond the SATO48 Challenge.

+ How do I get the most up-to-date rules & guidelines?

Visit www.SATO48.com, create a user account, and read the Participation Agreement.

+ Can anyone participate in SATO48?

Yes, SATO48 is open to everyone, even professionals. However, pros cannot be paid for their services. They must volunteer their time. In fact, no one on a SATO48 Team can be paid.

SATO48 Filmmaking Teams have consisted of pros and novices alike. Some teams have been a mix of film and video professionals, while others have been beginners or students.

+ How many members are allowed per SATO48 Team?

As many as you want.

+ What does a SATO48 Team consist of?

A SATO48 Team consists of a crew who works behind the camera, and a cast (there must be at least two actors in your Film) who work in front of the camera.

Rules stipulate that all team members (crew and cast) must volunteer their time, and sign RELEASES.

+ How long are the films?

They must be no longer than 5 minutes – but they can be shorter.

If you are just starting out, or have limited time during the Filmmaking Weekend, we suggest you consider a shorter-than-five-minutes Film. It will still be eligible for Awards (if it’s turned in on time).

+ Does it cost anything to enter?

There is a modest registration fee, which in 2014 was $25. However, keep two things in mind: (1) this FAQ might not have been updated to reflect a new fee (which will be clearly shown when you register your SATO48 Team); and (2) the price goes up as we get closer to the Kickoff Date (which starts the Filmmaking Weekend), so register now !

+ Are there prizes for the winning Films?

Yes, cash prizes, which can vary from year to year, but have generally been $100 per prize. And a nice statuette. Plus all the contact & recommendation opportunities that arise from participating in SATO48 !

+ How do I pay my entry fee?

When you register your team, you’ll be directed to PayPal. If you aren’t able to pay online for some reason, we do accept cash. The registration fee is non-refundable.

+ Does all of my team have to go to the Kickoff?

No. However, at least one team member from each team must be at the Kickoff.

+ What format should I use to deliver my Film?

As of 2014, we are requiring your Film be delivered on a thumbdrive, be less than 4GB in size, and in .mp4 format. However, these requirements can change as technology advances. Always refer to your PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT for the latest guidelines.

+ What about Music?

You must have all the rights to all the music used in your Film – this includes Music you create yourself. Use the MUSIC RELEASE form, which will be supplied to you once you create a user account, register your team, and pay the entry fee.

NOTE: If you use Music from an “arts libre” or similar source, you cannot nominate that Music for the Music Award.

+ Why do we need the 4 Release Forms: Cast, Crew, Location, Music?

For a number of reasons.

One, we want to prevent someone from asking us to pull your Film from any screenings. If someone tells us that he/she is in your Film and they didn’t give you permission, we will have no choice but to disqualify your film.

Two, to prove you have rights to the Music heard during your Film.

Three, so we know the people who worked on your Film understood the guidelines & requirements.

So, get releases. In fact, you must turn in your 4 RELEASES at the same time you turn in your Film, otherwise your Film is considered “late” – and you don’t want that…

+ How many actors must be in the Film?

A minimum of two. If you want to eligible for BOTH Acting Awards, you must have at least one male and one female performance to nominate.

+ May SAG members participate?

See the SAG website for all their requirements.

+ Can we use our company logo in the Film?

Yes, you may use a pre-made logo as long as it is in the opening titles or closing credits. But remember, opening titles and closing credits are part of your 5-minute limit.

+ Can I post my Film online?

There’s a two-step process you MUST adhere to:


Not in any manner – not via private link, nothing, nada. Do not put your Film online anywhere, in any way.

  1. You must wait until AFTER the last Film (not simply your Film) has screened at The Moxie…

THEN, you MUST POST your Film online and send us the link via email:


+ Is there an Awards Ceremony?

You bet! It’s at the Gillioz Theater in downtown Springfield. It’s a great time, and we encourage you to attend EVEN IF you don’t make a Film. There’s entertainment, and an AfterParty.

+ Will I know if I’ve won any Awards before the Awards Ceremony?

No. All prizes are secret until announced from stage at the Awards Ceremony.

+ Can a SATO48 Film be submitted to other festivals?

Yes. But NOT before the SATO48 event is over for the year you entered.

Filmmakers are encouraged to submit their films to festivals. Please notify us if your film is accepted to a festival !

+ Any great Tips & Tricks I should know about?

Definitely. Watch this video and you’ll be way ahead of the game !


+ What can I do as preparation before the challenge?

You can recruit crew and cast, scout locations, and secure a sound or music person.

+ Where will my Film screen?

We show all Films (which meet the Inspiration Package criteria) at The Moxie Cinema in Springfield, Missouri.

We encourage you to invite friends and family to the screenings, and as of 2014, tickets are only $6.

+ Are there other screening opportunities associated with SATO48?

Yes. One great SATO48 partner is the Founders Park Screening Series.

Here’s what the Public Information Administrator from the Springfield-Greene County Park Board has to say about SATO48 Films selected for additional screening opportunities:

The Park Board selects up to 12 films…to screen during Summer Movies at Founders Park.

SATO films screen before the feature film on Saturday nights, which are billed as “Date Night” but still have a lot of kids in the audience, which typically numbers 300.

For this reason, SATO selections must be family friendly — films including graphic violence, sex, alcohol and drug use, profanity and adult themes will not be selected.

It’s also important to have good clean audio.

If we can’t understand what you’re saying, it won’t be selected. Filmmakers, please keep this in mind if a screening at Founders Park is important to you.

+ Where can I shoot my Film?

Anywhere you can get permission from the owner. Public space is available to use, but you should check with city authorities for all the details.

To wit:
Parks Photo Policy
The Park Board approved a photo policy July 1, 2014, outlining rules for photo and video use in parks, as well as a permit process for professionals and commercial photographers and videographers.

Please read this policy if you plan to shoot in parks.

While the $25 photo permit will not apply to SATO participants ( SATO films fall under the “amateur” and not “professional” category) the rules do apply to everyone.

That means no picking flowers, trampling landscaping, writing on surfaces, blocking walkways, or being a general nuisance.

What is a “general nuisance?” Use common sense.

What might cause other parks patrons to be afraid or alarmed?

If you’re chasing a screaming woman through a park with a bloody knife, that’s probably a general nuisance.

The photo policy is here.

And the general parks rules are here:

Both policies are found at parkboard.org under “About Us.”

+ What should I do if I have more questions?

Contact us ! We live in New York City, and come back to Springfield specifically for SATO48, so email us: jeffclinkenbeard@gmail.com or call 917-648-5677 (cell).

+ What do I do if I want to help sponsor SATO48?

Contact us ! We live in New York City, and are always looking for new partnerships to help SATO48 and the Springfield community grow. Email us: jeffclinkenbeard@gmail.com or call 917-648-5677 (cell).