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SATO48-2016 Film Descriptions

Here's a description of EVERY FILM and its screening time !

Group Aboakyere

Screenings: Thursday, 4:30p; Saturday, 9:30p; Sunday, 12:30p

A01 -

Pipe Dream Motion Pictures

S'no Pigs

A pair of incompetent cops have been putting off a sting operation, but are forced into action.

A02 -

Silver Fox Collective


A man is bitten by a zombie and only has a few moments left to live, he is haunted by his past and wishes to make it right before he dies.

A03 -


Art House

Two art students are forced to participate in performance art for extra credit.

A04 -

Tranna Del Rey

Tranna Del Rey

Two thieves are in a race against time to discover what it truly means to be a friend.

A05 -

Warped Media


A traumatized clown must overcome his fear of people when he finds his perfect match with the girl next door.

A06 -

Missing circuits

Missing Circuits

Machines go awry with personality.

A07 -

Code Blue Productions

Into The Shadows

Two friends go to an abandoned farm, only to find a dark secret that lies within.

A08 -

Random Encounters


When a movie scream comes real.

A09 -

Extraordinary Productions

Not so Down to Clown

Julie, a girl who has a reoccurring dream of clowns accidently walks into a clown workshop while on her way to class.

A10 -

Richard Cranium Films

A Rewarding Experience

A journey to find a reward, that seems like it will never end.

Group Boryeong

Screenings: Thursday, 6p; Saturday, 11p; Sunday, 2p

B01 -

Court of Owls Films

Noche Oscura at the Bar

While visiting a local bar, a man (Dick) finds himself in a life or death situation. Fortunately, he is skilled.

B02 -

Push & Pull


A young couple has an usual night after some car trouble in a small town.

B03 -

Cutting Edge Productions


Aaron has avoided his brother and sister in laws dinnerparties for years,but when his fiance insist the attend,he learns an important lesson

B04 -

Euphemistic Expressions


For Diamond, 300 kisses are a way out of trouble but also an unwelcome return to depravity and danger.

B05 -

J & H productions


In the distant future, Cronus looks for the key to save civilization after an attack left Earth ravaged. He is opposed by Hyperion a general

B06 -

Guantanamera Films

A Poetic Pirate, Rebel Risin, Mexican Golfer Movie

A motley crew of wannabe, modern pirates seek to obtain gold from Confederate-lovin "South will rise again" enthusiasts.

B07 -

The Golden Fleece

Theatre 8

Couple attends a premier event at a movie. RubberMask buys one also. However is stunned, by the phones, and takes things into his own hands.

B08 -

America Wet

Russian Male Order Bride

A lonely man buys a Russian male-ordered bride.

B09 -

Human Disasters

Petal to the Meddle

A young woman is coerced by her best friend into reconciling with her ex.

B10 -

Holy Cats!

Warning: Objects in Mirror are more Real than they Appear

A girl wakes up one night to find that her reflection has its own personality, changing her life for the better... or does it?

Group Carnival

Screenings: Thursday, 7:30p; Saturday, 3:30p; Sunday, 9p (small theater)

C01 -

Locke + Stache


A tormented man has to cross many thresholds of his past to overcome what has consumed him.

C02 -

Pierson Brother Productions


Young siblings try to help older siblings see eye to eye.

C03 -

Smartly done

The Wrangler

the super hero Wrangler must save a presidential candidate, from his fear

C04 -

Darkluster Films

Dungeons and Diddlers

A brokenhearted young man is dragged to a party that his friend thinks is something else but then they both find true love.

C05 -

Washed Up Media

My Father's Eyes

A father who sees into his daughter's future is determined to take her camping, when the trip ends up unveiling a deeper bond between them.

C06 -

Katastasia Studios

Taking Direction

A down on his luck film director hatches the perfect plan to win his girl and create his masterpiece.

C07 -

EyeScope Films

La Amapola

Dakota has been invited as the only guest to Jane's birthday party. However, she gets antsy whenever he ends up bringing his girlfriend.

C08 -

Lime Films

The Vessel of Valac

The Evil Ruler Valac, has been trapped in this Vessel for 10,000 years..   He is let out and everyone in the city is gone.

C09 -

Event Horizon

Kamp Fu

A young man builds up the courage to finally pursue his dreams of training under a true Kung Fu Master.

C10 -

Film Til Death Productions

Funky Cops

A film about the two funkiest cops in the world, taking down the baddies.

Group Dia de los Muertos

Screenings: Thursday, 9p; Saturday, 12:30p; Sunday, 3:30p

D01 -

Talking Dog Productions

Good Girl

After years of abuse from her father, Julie turns a ticket to his show into an opportunity for revenge.

D02 -

Slim Thicket

Cosmic Ride

Two tickets for a cosmic ride.

D03 -

Onoma Films


It's a Romantic Comedy showing the importance of friendship. The story takes a twist once Stella and Thatcher's true feelings are revealed.

D04 -

Cline's Crew

Not So Duper

A pair of actors reluctantly attend the early screening of their movie Duperman and face the reality of their rapidly sinking acting career.

D05 -


Table for Two

Tyler is afraid to go out in to the world, until she meets the one person who understands her enough to change her mind.

D06 -


El Bandito

No description provided by the Filmmaker.

D07 -

300 Media Productions

Operation: Pencil Drop

A sniper is hired to kill a man.
A man is hired to be a clown.
The two have run in.

D08 -

Maven Productions

Foxtrot Oscar X-ray

A wannabe cop surveys suspicious activity happening across the street. But things aren't always what they seem.

D09 -

Minion Squad (or how to win SATO48 without really trying)

How to Go to an Event

A PSA on attending events.

D10 -

Video Dudes Productions

They Came From Uranus: The Musical

Two aliens are returning to earth for a deadly weapon, but it won't come easy. Prepare to be enchanted by this delightful musical.

Group Enkutatash

Screenings: Thursday, 10:30p; Saturday, 2p; Sunday, 5p

E01 -

Tuck&Weave Productions


A woman about to lose everything invokes the help of a hit man, but things don't always seem as they appear.

E02 -

Wise Owl Productions


Nacho average party.

E03 -

Amaya Papaya Productions

Missed Connection

a middle aged man cheats on his wife and tries not to get caught but when he does his whole life changes forever

E04 -

Rumble Pack Films

Buried Conflicts

Two siblings meet up for a funeral that is well overdue to fulfill the late family member's final request.

E05 -

Q Studios

The Party

A birthday party for Jackson!  How bad could it be?

E06 -

Meme Team

Ticket to Sin

In a bizarre dystopian world, criminals are given tickets forcing them to admit their crimes.

E07 -

Madman Productions

The Unknown

A boys father dies, so his friend takes him out to have a good time. Its all fun and games until he realizes whats following them!

E08 -



A depressed young man learns that life is not as bad as he thinks.

E09 -

Grayson Films


A man reflects on his recent relationship.

E10 -

Canote Films

Little Renegade

A boy takes an unexpected journey through time to become the person he has avoided to be.

Group Floralille

Screenings: Friday, 5p; Saturday, 8p; Sunday, 9:30p

F01 -


Probable Cause

A team of detectives try to coerce a confession after a man goes missing, but without evidence they can't pursue with an arrest.

F02 -

Beecause Films

In The Fillings

Meadow is afraid to go to the dentist, so she escapes to a magical world.

F03 -

Team Z

After It All

After the collapse of society, the small communities are distrustful of the new governing power. Friends are torn apart.

F04 -

Acoustic Films

Serpent in the Garden

A mother struggling with a drug addiction is searching for her place in the family.

F05 -

Devolver Films

Jack Farley and Little Pequeño

Rockstar Jack Farley loses his stage parter Little Pequeño and goes on a wild adventure to rescue her!

F06 -

Meadowmere LARP

An Afternoon Adventure

Sage is reluctant to LARP, but his sister Maera is determined to go. Though he is resistant, he ends up becoming the hero of the day.

F07 -

Doobyous Productions

Mi Amor

A Romance Film.

F08 -

Finkelmistcomics Production


JOHN SMITH, soaking wet, voices his opinions toward the lackluster performance and security found in the afterlife.

F09 -

Donnie Brooks


A young man copes with his sudden romantic rejection and tries to figure out what went wrong.

F10 -

Kids Making Movies

Sombreros Want Tacos

Two kids miss a sombrero making class, but they're right on time to find two spunky sombreros looking for some tasty tacos!

Group Glastonbury

Screenings: Friday, 6:30p; Saturday, noon (small theater); Sunday, 6:30p

G01 -

CassaTate Productions

Mr. McGregor Goes To Church On Sunday

A man must answer for his sins.

G02 -

Callahan Films

Boss Party

A new hire reluctantly attends a party at his boss's house.  He is in for a night he will never forget but wishes he could.

G03 -


Home Movie

The horrors of home movies come to life as a man is confronted with his youth.

G04 -

Nixa 3833

No Asbestos

A young man struggles with his home life, so he falls into temptation.

G05 -

Tear In Productions

Death by Invitation

If Death had an invite, your ticket has already been purchased.

G06 -

Tapped Productions

Bear In Mind

No description provided by the Filmmaker.

G07 -

Khaki Productions

Time for Tea

Dad trying to make time for tea.

G08 -

Scream Productions 23

Internal Interrogation

Rookie Cop interrogates a suspect who "Murdered" the cops date. Through the questioning it becomes apparent that things went differently.

G09 -

See You Tomorrow Films

Bean Daddy

Two friends get robbed and go out to get their things back.

G10 -

Brutal Brothers Films


Two detectives attempt to solve their toughest case yet!

Group Holi

Screenings: Friday, 8p; Saturday, 5p; Sunday, noon (small theater)

H01 -

The Hamburglar's Helpers

Collecting Daisies

A couple embarks on a photo shoot in an abandoned town, only to discover that they are not alone.

H02 -

Brothers York

Cinco De Buy-O

A retired drug runner finds himself pulled into one last job.

H03 -

Obvious Films


A woman tries to come to terms with her past.

H04 -

Slice of Brain Productions

A Cutthroat Business

No description provided by the Filmmaker.

H05 -

1893 Productions


Two men show up late to work with a big story, but how much of it is true?

H06 -


Hey, AMi

Black comedy about trusting an incompetent Artificial Mobile Intelligence (AMI)

H07 -

Radioactive Space Monkey


A Gangster is brought to a card game with very high stakes run by a mob boss.

H08 -

Black Frog

No Loose Ends

A girl waiting for her date, finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time, and becomes a loose end that needs to be tied.

H09 -

Lucky Duck


Got any neat dating places? I don't think Tom does... Things go awry for this new couple as plans change

H10 -

LiteGlobe Productions


A man loses someone special and they are reunited!

Group Junkanoo

Screenings: Friday, 9:30p; Saturday, 6:30p; Sunday, 8:00p

J01 -


Last Call

Two henchmen and the last heist of their career.

J02 -

Bamba House Films

The Curator

A curator from the planet Vosova visits Earth, only to discover a very different planet than the one they had read about.

J03 -

Luxferous Productions

My Name is Not Juan

A local team of filmmakers participate in SATO48-2016, but things do not go as planned.

J04 -

420 Productions


A film about a husband who's wife was abducted, and looks through the case files to find the person who did it.

J05 -

Team Low Budget

Low Budget Man Does Taco Tuesday

On their way to attend Taco Tuesday, Low Budget Man and his trusty ward get sidetracked by an unnecessary rescue mission.

J06 -


The Cupcake Serial Killer

No description provided by the Filmmaker.

J07 -

Mofats Midnight Cafe

Final Resolution

A young man tells of his view of the end of life while images of his life play.

J08 -



Adam and Seth, inseparable brothers wake up in jail after Seth’s bachelor party. Adam reminisces about the past as Seth looks to the future.

J09 -


The Little Rip in Time

After trying to avoid his own going away party, Francis Posey and two friends stumble 90 years into the past.


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