rules & requirements


Rules regarding production



All IP elements revealed at the kick-off must be incorporated into your film.



  1. SATO48 is open to all, including amateur filmmakers, hobbyists, and professionals (if unpaid).

  2. At least one member of the team must be present at the kickoff.

  3. Participants under 18 years of age must have parental/guardian consent.

  4. Participants are defined as anyone who assisted in any way in the making of the film.

  5. All production of any kind at any time which involved participant adhered to all local, regional, state, and national laws, as well as officially announced guidelines, orders, or instructions, including but not limited to Centers for Disease Control guidelines, and SAG/AFTRA COVID-19: Safety Protocols, as applicable ("Protocols").



All registration fees are non-refundable.



Any type and number of video, film or still cameras, and/or sound equipment may be used, including computer-generated material that is created AFTER the kickoff.


All films following the rules and meeting requirements, whether late or on time, will be screened at the festival and are eligible for broadcast.


  1. Films submitted on time that followed the Rules and met the Requirements will be eligible for awards & prizes.

  2. Films submitted after the 48 hours will be considered late and will not be eligible for awards & prizes.

  3. Only “original” music or song is eligible for the Music/Song Award.

  4. Use of “Royalty Free” music or song is allowed, but will not be eligible for the Music/Song Award.

  5. Posting your film prior to Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 12:00am CST (midnight) will render it ineligible for any awards or prizes.


PRIOR TO, the kickoff participants may:

  1. Organize crew & cast, including securing a poster artist.

  2. Scout & secure location/s;

  3. Source music;

  4. Secure & assemble equipment (i.e., expendables, cameras, editing suite, software, etc.);

  5. Arrange for food, financing, transportation, etc.



  1. DO NOT use copyrighted material of any kind without permission. This includes music, signage, likenesses, logos, or brand names, especially on t-shirts and hats, etc.

  2. DO NOT nominate any music or song for the Best Music/Song Award obtained through a "royalty-free" relationship.

  3. DO NOT post your trailer online before uploading first to the Festival Manager.

  4. DO NOT post your film online (except a trailer as mentioned above) in any way, shape, or manner for any audience of any kind, before Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 12:00am CST (midnight).

  5. DO NOT shoot, nor create any footage for your film, prior to the kickoff.

  6. DO NOT use footage created prior to the kickoff.

  7. DO NOT use stock footage of any kind.

  8. DO NOT pay anyone on your team. Each member of the team must VOLUNTEER their time.



  1. Not fulfilling the Inspiration Package requirements

  2. Not fulfilling the technical requirements

  3. Violating any of the rules

  4. Breaching the Terms & Conditions


Requirements of your film



  1. Registration fee is $25 (subject to change)

  2. All fees are non-refundable

  3. Payment is through Stripe



  1. Must incorporate all INSPIRATION PACKAGE elements revealed at the kickoff.

  2. Must feature at least TWO principal characters.

  3. A combination of voiceover talent, on-screen talent, or a single actor playing multiple roles is allowed.

  4. Must be made within the 48 hours from the kickoff.

  5. Must be theater-ready with regard to resolution, file size, sound quality, and file type.

  6. Must always contain a reference to "SATO48-2022:"

a.  for any descriptive text (searchable, printed, or otherwise) that accompanies the film, or any portion thereof

b.  for every future screening, posting, or exhibition of the film, or any portion thereof, in any medium, the CEC Text must always appear as described herein and may not be edited out, nor reduced in screen time, nor distorted in screen appearance.



  1. Must be MPEG-4 (.mp4) format ONLY.

  2. Must be less than 4GB (1080p) in size.

  3. Must have file label name in this order: Team# - Team Name - Film Name.

  4. Must be 5 (five) minutes or less in length by timecode (00:05:00:00) ("Film")

  5. Must include Opening Event Credit (OEC) & Closing Event Credit (CEC) see below 


Opening Event Credits ("OEC"):

Team Name

APRIL 24, 2022

Film Title


Closing Event Credits ("CEC"):

This film was made as part of SATO48–2022

   6. Closing Event Credit;

a. must be the final moment on screen

b. must be on screen for at least 5 seconds

c. must be Arial font, 46 pitch

d. must be white text on black background



It is required for screening and broadcast; you;

  1. Must complete the Music Report, regardless of source.

  2. Must indicate for each song or music, using timecode for the start time and duration.



To be eligible for Music/Song Award, on Sunday April 24, 2022, you;

  1. Must upload electronic copy Rights Request and Musician(s)' Agreement of original music or song.

  2. Must upload the complete sound file of the nominating original music or song.



Creating a trailer is voluntary, though encouraged.

If making a trailer;

  1. Must not exceed 2 mins.

  2. Must be first uploaded to the Festival Manager prior to posting online.

  3. May contain any material you wish.


Participation in the Movie Poster competition is voluntary, though encouraged.

Only films submitted on time on Sunday, April 24, 2022 are eligible for the Poster Award.

If submitting a poster;

  1. Must upload print-ready for (11in x 17in) in png and pdf formats.

  2. Must upload on or before Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 12 a.m. CST (midnight).

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