Final Frequency  (Boketto Productions) Suspense

Greasy Gold: The Legend of the Greasy Posse  (The Mongooses) Mystery

Growing Pains  (Canned Spam) Drama

Hammered  (Impossible To Be Unhappy In A Poncho) Thriller/Comedy?

How To:  Clean Up After Yourself  (Hines Productions) Surreal Horror

Nothing to Fear  (Schweitzer Creative) Psychological Thriller Comedy

Purrrplexed  (Star Jar Production) Comedy

RETRIBUTION  (Lime Films) Thriller

REVENIR  (Felinenator Films) Suspense

Scratch 'n Sniff  (Katastasia Studios) Action Adjacent

The Bakers  (Black Dog Productions) Thriller/Drama/Comedy

The Perfect Launch  (Everything's Norminal) Drama

Trunk Space  (Callahan Films) Dark Comedy