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poster submission
  • Participation in the Movie Poster competition is voluntary, though encouraged.

  • If your film was late, you may still submit a poster, but it will not eligible for the Movie Poster Award.

  • Late poster entries will be displayed at the discretion of the poster curator, but will NOT be eligible for the Poster Award.

  • Poster must to be exactly 11" x 17" (this a readily-available paper size), and laminate both copies.

  • If your poster was not created on a computer (e.g., hand-drawn, or collage), scan it to create an electronic version that you can then upload.

  • To be eligible for the Movie Poster Award, you must deliver in two forms (upload electronically & deliver manual):

  • Electronic:

    • Upload your poster electronic copy on Page 1 or Page 6 of your form. on or before Thursday, April 18, 2021.

  • Manual:

    • Deliver TWO LAMINATED HARD COPIES of your poster on or before Thursday, April 18, 2021, during regular business hours, to:

    • The Moxie Cinema

    • 305 S Campbell Ave, #101

    • Springfield, MO 65806​

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