Springfield And The Ozarks 48-Hour Film Challenge (SATO48)

Values - All voices are worthy while excellence reigns supreme.

Mission – Is to provide a real-world proving ground that challenges filmmakers, at all skill levels, to produce impactful short films on short notice.

Visions - To be the premier destination for those eager to deliberately challenge themselves in the pursuit of making their mark on the world.

Objective - is to discover talent, introduce it to audiences, and facilitate development of careers. To achieve those objectives, an Inspiration Package (revealed only moments before the 48-hour clock starts) must guide the screen story, detailed paperwork is required, and a no-grace-period delivery deadline is imposed. Peer Review, audience favorite, and international judging determines impact, a Recognition & Awards Ceremony provides acknowledgment, and SATO48 The TV Show is, literally, a channel for career opportunities.