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Making Better Movies & Making Movies Better



Nurture filmmaking talent through diverse SATO48 initiatives:  Film Challenge, FiveFest, The TV Show, Prime for Development, and Matinees at the Gillioz, each designed to challenge, showcase, and provide substantial career development opportunities for filmmakers.


A hub of cinematic innovation where aspiring filmmakers and their short films gain national attention, evolve into full-fledged productions, and are celebrated alongside classic cinema, making a significant impact in the global film community.


Guide the creation, curating, exhibiting, transformation, and broadcasting of exceptional short films via the Challenge,  FiveFest, Matinees at the Gillioz & In-Theater Screenings, plus Prime for Development, and The TV Show.


Creativity, inclusivity, excellence, diversity, fairness, community, and education in filmmaking. SATO48 believes in giving a voice to diverse narratives, pushing creative boundaries, and fostering a supportive network for filmmakers and enthusiasts alike.

Battle Cry: 

"Filmmaker, Filmmaker, Filmmaker!" Meaning every aspect of SATO48 serves our filmmakers treble ways before any other considerations.

Goals & Aims:


Film Challenge & FiveFest: Propel and showcase global filmmaking talent through short film creation and festivals.

The TV Show: Bring short films to a national audience, enhancing exposure and recognition.

Prime for Development: Offer a pathway for short films to evolve into feature-length projects and attract investment.

Recognition & Awards Ceremony: Our initiatives culminate in ceremonies and events that celebrate and acknowledge the talent and efforts of filmmakers. By hosting festivals, challenges, readings, screenings, and broadcasts, we build a legacy in the world of cinema, one short film at a time.

Empowering Filmmakers Through Innovation, Exposure, and Creative Evolution

  •          Film Challenge: SATO48's Film Challenge is an exhilarating platform that propels filmmakers of all levels to create impactful short films in only 48 hours with no pre-knowledge of what their films must be about until it is revealed to them in the form of an Inspiration Package. The Challenge offers career development opportunities and showcases their talents to a live, as well as global audience. In-theater screenings are where filmmakers meet their audience and vice versa, with Q&A built directly into the experience.

  •          FiveFest 2024: SATO48's premiere short film festival, celebrates creative and innovative storytelling in five-minute films irrespective of their origin, and fosters a dynamic community of filmmakers and enthusiasts through its annual festival of cinematic excellence.

  •          The TV Show: "SATO48 The TV Show" broadcasts on network television a selection of Film Challenge standout works, along with interviews & insights into the creators and their creations, offering unprecedented exposure to a significantly wider audience.

  •          Prime for Development: Transforms promising five-minute films spawned during the Film Challenge into 20-minute scripts that are read before a live audience, serving as proofs of concept for potential expansion into feature films and/or attracting investors and producers for further exploration.

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