awards & prizes

All films regardless of eligibility for winning are screened at the SATO48 Film Festival


At the SATO48 Film Festival, the Selection Committee, consisting of a diverse individuals selects top 10 films, based on Academy Awards criteria, to be adjudicated by a panel from around the world in their respective category and field.  The award winners receive a statue and $100 cash.  The awards are based on the a set of criteria for each of the categories.



Prizes are open for public participation to satisfy a desire to recognize filmmakers beyond the Award categories. Each year new prizes are added. 

2021 prizes

Every Prize includes $100 cash.

Some Prizes require Sponsor to be notified.


Comedy — Sponsored by SpringVegas Sketch Show

The criteria for this Prize are:

  • Funny

  • Funny

  • Funny


Freelance — Sponsored by Freelance by Jen

  • The criteria for this Prize are:

  • Demonstrating the greatest example of pulling together a hot mess

  • Prize includes Freelance by Jen’s “Behold, My Greatness!” Package

  • Package includes professional portfolio of your choice valued at $300


Most Star Quality — Sponsored by Acting for Real

The criteria for this Prize are:

  • First-time Lead or Supporting actor in a SATO48 project

  • 1st Prize includes 8 hours of private coaching (and $100)

  •  Runner-Up receives 4 hours

Off The Wall — Sponsored by Hines Family

The criteria for this Prize are:

  • A "Wow! I've never seen that before," moment

  • Creativity, uniqueness, and originality in script, cinematography, acting, editing, special effects, set design, music, and/or sound design

  • An aspect overlooked in the standard Award categories


Pop Culture Reference — Sponsored by Fanatics and the Fan

  • The criteria for this Prize are:

  • Dialogue, sound, visual, Easter egg

  • Includes additional $100 and a few more nerdy awesomes

  • NOTIFY location of call outs:


Positive Portrayal of a Pet or Animal — Sponsored by Becky Meadows

The criteria for this Prize are:

  • Integrated into story, not a "walk-on"

  • Fulfills an unmet need

  • No harm


Story Arc — Sponsored by Sooner Than Later Studios

The criteria for this Prize are:

  • Compelling story driven by character transformation in pursuit of a goal

  • All levels of production value compete equally

  • Prize includes story consultation for Filmmaker project


Credits Design — Sponsored by TBA

The criteria for this Prize are:

  • Opening and/or Closing credits

  • Overall design

  • Support of Film content

Ozarks on Film - Sponsored by Creative Endeavors
The criteria for this Prize are:

  • Filmed in a notable and unique location in the Ozarks, e.g, (in)famous business, historic site

  • Location plays an integral part in the plot, or its history/uniqueness is revealed in the film

  • NOTIFY: with 100 words or fewer explaining why location should win, timestamp where location is featured