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awards & prizes

All awards and prizes come with $100


Best Film

Best Interpretation of the "Inspiration Package"

The inventive & interpretative use and integration of the Inspiration Package elements.


Audience Favorite

Is selected by the audience and filmmakers attending the festival and online, rather than by the Selection Committee or International jury.



Effective use of light & shadow and the contribution to telling the story.



Effectiveness of actors, camera placements & movements and composition on the screen.


Effectiveness of scene transitions, tempo, mood changes and continuity of telling the story.

Performance - Lead & Supporting

Emotional effectiveness and believability in portraying the character.



Convey clear communication that has readability typography legible from afar. Includes the logo of the event.  Composition, contrast balance, that combine visuals with information.  Engaging and easy to follow yet creates connection as well as an enduring emotion.


Production Design/ Art Direction

The overall "look" of the picture, effective use of color, texture, types of props, set pieces and locations.



The structure, plot, character development, dialogue and ending effectiveness of the film.


Song or Music

Effectiveness of the soundtrack and/or music and must be original by an identifiable creator/s



Effectiveness of everything heard (which is NOT music), quality of the sound of dialogue, background sounds and special audio effects (if applicable)


Family Film Project

Sponsored by James Bacon

To be eligible, the team must meet ONE of these criteria:

1.Directed by an adult immediate family member (either parent, grandparent, legal guardian and/or a stepparent, etc.)  “with one or more of their Children/grandchildren (age 18 or younger, stepchildren and/or legally adopted children) acting as main character(s) in the film.


2. Directed by the Child with at least one adult immediate family member as defined above acting as a main character in the film.


3. Both a Child and one adult immediate family member as defined above acting in main roles of the same film.


Outstanding Movie Set Design

Sponsored by LaBrie Family

The criteria for this prize is as follows:

  • Created a set piece or pieces for your SATO48-2024 Film.


The Al LaBrie Prize celebrates a family tradition of participating in SATO48 for nearly a decade and in particular their father, Al LaBrie, who instilled in his family a love of the arts. A builder by trade, Al also wrote plays, designed sets, and saw the value in creativity. If you created a set piece or pieces for your SATO48-2024 Film, OPT-IN for The Al LaBrie Prize.

Pop Culture Reference Prize

Sponsored by Fanatics and the Fan

Even if it is creative use of the Force or a perfectly timed “indeed”, or even wonderful Shazam, pop culture references or “easter eggs” are synonymous with good movies and as common as someone falling down in a scary movie. 

Fanatics and the Fan is giving you a chance to make your mark using some of the great easter eggs we all know and love.  

However this year we are adding a little twist: We are honoring fellow nerd, alan tudyk. 

So, while all easter eggs are welcome, those from the career of the same guy that gave us Steve the Pirate, King Candy, Hei Hei the Rooster, and K-2SO, will be prioritized.

(NOTE: We spoke to alan about this and at his request we are taking off the table: “I am a leaf in the wind watch how I soar”).

Keeping in mind the preceding info, the requirements for the Pop Culture prize are as follows:

a.   In an email sent to all easter eggs / callouts must be (1) timecode-stamped as to where they appear in your film and (2) cross-referenced (i.e., we need to know where you got it).

b.   The email must indicate (1) the team name and (2) film title.
c.   The email must be received no later than Monday, April 29, 2024.

The prizes are:
·         A
n autographed photo from alan tudyk

·         A feature guest spot on Fanatics and the Fan
·         A chance to host your own panel at Geekmas

Genesis 3224 Prize

Sponsored by Graceway Baptist Church


Story Guidelines and Prohibitions


Our goal for this prize is to encourage the production of films that focus on mankind’s existence from the perspective of a biblical worldview (defined below).


The story must be about an individual (or individuals) who has (or have) chosen to interpret and interact within the world through the lens of a biblical worldview, defined as the teachings of Jesus as found in the New Testament of the Bible.

There must be a present and underlying theme(s) of redemption, forgiveness, mercy, and/or grace.


The film CANNOT contain:

  • Foul, offensive, or discriminatory language

  • Physical violence, especially the use of weapons

  • Sexual content, whether implicit or explicit  

You Gotta See It Prize

Sponsored by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema


Awarded to Films that are:

  • Quirky, Offbeat, Surprising

  • Prize: $300 in Alamo Passes,


Best Opening / Closing Credits Prize

Sponsored by Missouri Film Office


Awarded to Films that:

  • Show exceptional creativity & storytelling using motion graphics and other elements as part of the Film's Opening Credits, Closing Credits, or both

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