About SATO48

SATO 48 is kicking off its 11th-year anniversary bash on Friday, April 8, 2016! Be sure to register your team in advance (registration opens SOON) so you can participate.

The event consists of a challenge wherein filmmakers from Springfield And The Ozarks (SATO) form teams to compete in creating a five-minute short film over the course of a single weekend – 48 hours.

None of the teams know what their film must be about until they all open, simultaneously, a secret envelope (the “Inspiration Package”), which describes the criteria of the short film.

Once the filmmakers have received their “Inspiration Package,” it is then up to each of the individual filmmaking teams to interpret the criteria, produce their 5-minute film, and deliver it within the 48-hour time limit.

SATO48 is for:
– Anyone who has ever been involved in SATO48
– Anyone interested in SATO48
– Anyone interested Film, Music, or Media Production
– Or anyone simply looking to network (In the world of media, it’s not always about WHAT you know but WHO you know.)

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