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Franco American Film Festival
SATO48 in Brittnay

SATO48, in collaboration with Thélème, is thrilled to announce the inaugural Franco-American Film Festival. This cross-cultural celebration will unite filmmakers from Springfield, Missouri with their French counterparts in the scenic region of Erbrée, Brittany.

The festival will not only be a platform for showcasing an array of compelling works from both American and French filmmakers but will also serve as an educational pivot through a series of masterclasses. These sessions will delve into the intricacies of scripting, filming, and editing succinct one-to-two-minute films.

Over the course of this immersive weekend, participants will be guided through the production process, culminating in a grand screening of their completed films. Through this initiative, SATO48 aims to ignite a passion for filmmaking and encourage participants to bring their new-found skills to the fore in future SATO48 Film Challenges and FiveFest events.

SATO48 is excited to foster new creative bonds and hopes to see these talents shine in our upcoming film challenges. Join us in Brittany for a celebration of cinematic artistry and the exchange of knowledge that spans the Atlantic.

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