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A-roll Clips/ Shots

  1. Your 5mins or less SATO48-2022 Film

  2. Image of poster

  3. New techniques you use

  4. Reason for participating in SATO48

  5. What inspired to do SATO28?

  6. What were the difficulties, how they were solved?

  7. What SATO48 means to you

  8. How did you get involved?

  9. How did you parcel out the 48 hours?

  10. What or who motivated you?

  11. Who are your inspirations in the film/ theater?

  12. Who are your inspirations that are close to you, i.e. parent, sibling, friend, teacher etc.

B-roll Clips/ Shots

  1. Bloopers

  2. Behind the scenes



Location scouting, gathering props, auditioning performers, buying food for the shoot, filling out the registration forms on-line, set designing, set building, sourcing customs, Kick-off excitements and feelings when you first find out about the IP.​


Brainstorming session, script writing, setting up lights, scripting, script reading, rehearsing, shooting, editing, making sure your film gets up loaded on time or not, photographing the set


Set striking, submitting the film on-line, feeling relief the film got in on time or not, relaxing, crashing, creating poster,


Coming to watch your film, thoughts about the films and posters, what it feels like to see your film on a big screen, your feelings about the audience reaction

Awards and Recognition Ceremony

Getting ready to attend, coming to the Ceremony, walking & posing on the red carpet in front of step& repeat, meeting others, excitement of seeing your name on screen, exuberant about winning, partying

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