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Matinees at the Gillioz:
A Classic Cinema Experience with a SATO48 Twist

Discover the charm of classic cinema fused with contemporary creativity at "Matinees at the Gillioz", a unique program by SATO48, in partnership with the Gillioz Center for Arts & Entertainment. As a resident company of Gillioz, SATO48 takes pride in presenting an innovative matinee experience where we pair our remarkable five-minute films from the Film Challenge Archives with timeless classic films. Each pairing is thoughtfully curated to resonate either in genre or storyline, offering a delightful juxtaposition of classic and modern cinematic flavors.

This program not only rejuvenates the love for classic films but also provides a prestigious platform for SATO48 filmmakers to showcase their work to a broader audience of classic film aficionados. Whether you're a fan of the golden era of cinema or a supporter of fresh filmmaking talent, "Matinees at the Gillioz" offers a unique cinematic experience that bridges generations and styles. Join us in celebrating the art of filmmaking, where every frame is a tribute to the past and a nod to the future.

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