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+What is SATO4848-Hour Film Challenge & Festival?

SATO48 stands for Springfield And The Ozarks 48-Hour Film Challenge.

SATO48 (when it's a Film Challenge)

Tasks filmmaking teams to create. in just one weekend (48 hours), a 5-minute (or less) film. The twist is that the teams don't know what their film must be about until the INSPIRATION PACKAGE is revealed, simultaneously to all filmmakers, at the kickoff!  After the Inspiration Package is revealed, all shooting, editing, and sweetening (such as adding a musical soundtrack) must occur within the 48 hours.

SATO48 (when it's a Short Film Festival)

A week or so later, at a premiere festival screening, the films are revealed to audiences who then vote for their favorites. A couple of weeks after the festival screenings, a panel of international judges reviews the top films (as selected by the viewing audience), and winners are announced at an Awards & Recognition Ceremony, followed by an after-party.


A set of instructions and/ or prerequisites which filmmakers must incorporate into their film. The Inspiration Package ("IP") can be anything including prohibitions as well as what must be included. The IP also serves as assurance the film was made within the 48-hour time limit.


+What are the SATO48 films about?

That’s up to the filmmaker, though they must comply with the Inspiration Package. SATO48 embraces the First Amendment, and DOES NOT rate the films. However, keep in mind this is only OUR point of view. For example, our broadcasting partner must meet FCC requirements.


+Can anyone participate in SATO48?

Yes, SATO48 is open to everyone, even professionals regardless of geographical location.  However, professionals cannot be paid for their services. Please refer to Terms & Conditions.


+How many actors must be in the film?

There is no upper limit. There is, however, a requirement that at least (2) two CHARACTERS must be in the film, and that requirement can be fulfilled by one actor playing multiple characters.


+Can someone dress/act as a comic book character/CosPlay in the film? I.E:, Wonder Woman, Superman etc..

NO, unless trademark and image copyrights permissions to use their likeness have been acquired.  One solution: create original CosPlay characters and imbue them with the qualities of those comic book characters that feed an original storyline, theme, etc.


+Can we use our company logo in the film? 

Never use a trademark or logo without written permission from its owner. This includes the company producing the film. Get a permission letter agreement from the trademark owner. Include a description of how the logo will be used.


+Can a SATO48 film be submitted to other festivals?

Yes. After the festival screenings, filmmakers are encouraged to submit their films to festivals


+Any great tips & tricks I should know about?

Definitely. Watch this:


+Where can I shoot my film?

Anywhere permission is granted; however, surroundings must be respected. Neighbors and local law enforcement authorities should be notified if any proposed staging (e.g., gun play, representations of violence, loud noises, late night, etc.) are being considered for the shoot. If shooting on premises controlled by a member of the filmmaking team, permission must be granted via a Location Release.


Public spaces are available to use, but check with local and city authorities for details.

Useful links for Springfield, MO: Parks Photo Policy


When filming in public areas, please post “PUBLIC NOTICE” signs in visible locations:



(Team Name), is here today filming for SATO48-2021. By entering and remaining on these premises you:

  1. Give your irrevocable consent to be filmed/recorded; and

  2. Grant all rights to enable us to exploit worldwide, in perpetuity, all recordings of you and your likeness made here today.

If you do not wish to be appear in the film, please notify the producer immediately on entry.

Contact; (producer’s email, not phone number)


+Can I have a team member who doesn't want to be credited and unregistered on my team?

Uncredited, yes. Unregistered, no. 

Why ''no' ? The possible long-term life of a SATO48 Film means proper paperwork travels with the Film in perpetuity, which includes a list of all team members. Also, no one can participate in chat anonymously, nor log in to any Festival Manager component without registration credentials.

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